Thursday, August 9, 2012

Procrastination . . . a problem even at the graduate level!


So . . . I meant to start this blog when I first moved to NYC, of course that didn't happen. It sure was a roller coaster but I'm finally settled in and in my 2nd week of graduate school! What better time to FINALLY begin my NYC-Grad School blog ^_^?

I suppose I need to get everyone up to speed with who I am and what has happened in the past month. 

That's me . . . 
I was very excited to be moving. Needless to say I wasn't AS excited 10+ hours into the trip . . . yes ladies
and gentlemen I spent 26 hours on a train going from Florida to NYC. In my defense they let you take much more luggage on a train, which worked best for my situation. When I go home to visit though I WILL be FLYING!

Sooo . . . I'm a small town girl from a boring little city in Florida (Melbourne, or Mel-BORING as it's affectionately called by anyone who has spent more than a week there). Despite that little tid-bit of information I miss it dearly and I battled homesickness something fierce my first few weeks here (I still do here and there). I moved here Aug. 14th, so it's almost been a month in my new city!

New York City to be exact . . . 
Why would I be homesick moving to a wonderful place like NYC, you ask? I guess it's because this is my first big move. When I went to college for my undergrad degree I chose the university . . . in my hometown!!! I essentially avoided the all important "get away from home ASAP" step that most high schoolers jump on. Either way I'm finally settling in nicely and little by little getting used to the mysterious ways of NY'ers.

What do I mean by that?! Don't let anyone lie to you . . . the North and South are practically different planets in my experience! I was definitely a Florida fish out of water in the city for a while! For instance . . . No one told me I need to look both ways for cars AND BICYCLES! No one rides bicycles in Florida . . and if they do they ride on a bike path/trail . . . not the street . . . at least not in the numbers I've seen here! Plus, even if there are bikers in Florida there certainly aren't pedestrians for them to RUN INTO (everyone drives!)
Oh, that bruise? That's what happens when you are hit by a crazy delivery boy riding downhill! Needless to say NYC-Lesson-Learned-The-Hard-Way #1 (I'm sure there will be more to add to the list in time!)

Other thing's I've had to learn? How about "How to dry clothes indoors!". Yeah, that's a good one! Behold . . .
Back home I would just line dry all this in the backyard. It's amazing how many things I took for granted (another list I'm sure will grow as well!)

Want to see something cool? Of course you do!
Here is a night-time view from my 9th floor, south facing apartment in the Upper East Side of NY. Yes doesn't that sound glamorous? Upper East and all, haha! Despite ALL the luxury apartments in the area and all the rich residents . . . I live in a pretty old building (11x11 bedroom, kitchenETTE, no living room), so don't let that little piece of geography fool you, I'm no rich "Gossip Girl" type, haha (I WISH!). I'm still very much a student, living off a turkey sandwich and chef boyardee budget.

Oh and just for kicks, here's another angle during the daytime . . . (Disclaimer: all photos in this blog were taken by me.)
I suppose that's enough for one day! I'll make sure to post updates with my adventures in the city and of course with more info about graduate student life as well!!!